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Wire Mesh By Material
Our offered Wire Mesh By Material is extensively used in different fields such as chemical processing, aerospace, power generation, ceiling panels, air & liquid filtration etc. It is made up of aluminium, copper and stainless steel which makes it robust.
Sifter Sieves
Sifter Sieves are acknowledged for their maximum strength and longer working life. They are applicable for various commercial and industrial sectors. These are eminent in providing compact design, high performance efficiency, flawless appearance, dimensional accuracy as well as easy cleaning.
Perforated Sheet
Perforated Sheet is ideal for architectural areas to develop cladding, column covers, metal signage and so on. It also used in material production, chemical energy, automotive, food & beverages and several other sectors. This product is constructed by using top grade stainless steel, aluminium etc.
Conveyor Belts
Conveyor Belt is widely used in different applications at the temperature ranging from -50 C to 1150 C. This is available in different sizes, patterns and styles to serve the exact conveying application needs of industrial and food processing sectors. This precision-engineered belt ensures to deliver the best tracking as well as smoothest business operations.
Safety Net
Safety Net is designed for the applications take place in construction industry for ensuring the safety and security of the workers. It prevents fatalities, accidents and several other sudden happenings.  It is fabricated by using top quality polypropylene ropes which makes it strong.
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen find its application in coal preparation, building material, electricity, chemical, mineral processing and numerous other areas for product gradation. It is robust in construction, smooth functioning and reliable. This screen is also used for mining, metallurgy, sand etc.
Concertina Wire
Concertina Wire is formulated for detention camps, prison barriers, riot control etc. It has high tensile strength and sturdy structure which is anti-corrosive in nature. This product is made up of high grade stainless steel which provides longer functional life and rust resistance.
Chain Link Fence
Chain Link Fence is utilized for fencing purpose in commercial and industrial areas. It is eminent in creating boundaries around trees, building etc. for assuring safety and security. Our offered product can be easily installed and has seamless finishing.
Wire Mesh
Wire Mesh is designed for guarding buildings and factories. It is also utilized for fencing, guarding trees. This product is known for its sturdiness, easy usage, fine finishing and longer service life. Mesh has high strength as well as light weight.
Wire Screen in Circular/ Square PC
Wire Screen In Circular Square PC is used in various industrial areas. It is fabricated by using high grade stainless steel and modern technology. This product is highly in demand for its longer functional life, tough strength, easy usage, seamless finishing and reliability.
Safety Screen
Safety Screen is used for providing security to the workers while construction and building projects. It ensures maximum safety, high tensile strength, robust construction and longer working span. This screen is easy to install as well as maintain and resistant to corrosion.
Demister Pad
Demister Pad is used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical and many other industrial areas for eliminating oil, toxic and several poisonous gases. It is eminent in separating the gas in order to allow hassle free as well as improved operation.
Industrial Filter
Industrial Filter is utilized in several industries for treating chemical solutions and water efficiently. It  assures long lasting service life, high strength, compact sizes, light weight and easy installation. The said product is reliable, dimensionally accurate, anti-corrosive in nature and so on.
Wire Baskets
Metal Wire Basket has a glossy finishing, sophisticated structure, rust resistance and excellent durability. It is best suitable for enhancing the style and appearance of the spaces. The said basket is used in homes, hotels, offices and many other places.
Vibro Sifter
Vibro Sifter is used to correct the quality of the products from powders to liquids by precisely removing the oversize contamination. This is versatile and hard-wearing in nature ensuring to filter the product based on sizes. It is perfect to be used with any kind of material to easily fit the various demands of different production lines.
Wire Cloth
In screens, sieves, and safety guards, wire cloth is used. It is utilized in windows and doors. In building, it strengthens concrete by reinforcing it, giving it strength, and avoiding fissures. It serves as a fence or netting for animal cages in the agricultural industry.
Wire Netting
In a variety of industries, wire nettings are a key building element that may be used to create solutions for filtration, security, confinement, reinforcement, and even aesthetic expression. Its adaptability extends to creative and artistic undertakings, where it may be utilized as a foundation for numerous craft projects or for sculptural constructions.
Wire Screen
Wire screens are the unsung heroes that silently improve our everyday existence in a variety of areas by offering accuracy, protection, and dependability. These screens are also used in home furnishings like window screens and gutter guards, protecting houses from pests and trash.
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Stainless steel wire mesh continues to be a dependable and versatile material, exhibiting the common thread of strength and durability that crosses several industries of use, including aerospace, automotive, mining, agricultural, and even creative undertakings like sculpting. It plays a crucial role in both contemporary industry and artistic endeavors.
Different Shape Wire Mesh
We are offering Different Shape Wire Mesh which is widely used for oil strainers, fencing, ceiling panels, plumbing screens etc. It can be easily installed as well as maintained due to its light weight. This mesh is resistant to rust, highly durable.